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Army Football

The yearly Army football game is played between the Army teams from the US Military academy, West Point against the Navy teams from the US Naval Academy, in Annapolis, Maryland. The Army football game has been televised by CBS for over thirty years.
It has been said that the Army football game is the most popular college football game in the United States. The West Point Academy and the Annapolis Academy are rich in history, talent, and sports. The Army football game has been played in various stadiums.

If you are a history or sports buff, you can combine the two and celebrate this tradition year after year. The Army football game is much more than just a competive sports game. It is a game based on honor, tradition, and emotional sentiments. The Navy and Army arenít competing on a national level, and though the Army football game is picked up by ESPN and CBS coverage, it isnít a matter of who will win or lose. The Army football game is about the sport and love of the game, pure and simple. This game is steeped in military tradition and it is a poweful game to watch.

For seniors who are playing in the game, during war time, the game holds a new meaning. While playing, members from both the Army and Navy teams realize that they may be deployed within the year. The game is a passage from college sport into military duty.

If you have a sports fan in the house, you can use the Army football game as a wonderful way to introduce history, traditions, and keep your sports fan engaged in the action all at the same time. Though the game isnít being played on a national level, doesnít mean that it is without its fair share of competive spirit and nature. The Army football game will leave you rooting for your favorite military college team, while at the same time, reminding us of all of the heroes who have gone on before us to give us our freedom.