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Army National Guard

The Army National Guard is a reserve unit that serves as part of the United States Army. The Army National Guard was founded on December 13, 1636. They began as part of three militias that were organized to defend Massachusetts from the growing threat of the Native Americans.

Today, the Army National Guard serves as half of the total of the United States Army’s combat forces. Like the Army National Guard, there is also an Air Force National Guard, which is part of the Air Force. Both of these National Guard units function under the National Guard Bureau.

Not only are there the National Guard units, such as the Army National Guard and the Airforce National Guard, but also there are also state militias that are known as the State Defense Forces. The State Militias will be called into action if the National Guardsmen need more services. However, the State Militias have not been called into action since the Civil War.

The Army National Guard undergoes the same treatment, training, benefits, and privileges as the United States Army. Since the Iraq wars, the Army National Guard has been serving just as frequently as other soldiers and is much more than just a “weekend combat force.”

The horrible events of 9/11 have meant some more changes for the Army National Guard. No longer are they just deployed for a short length of six months at a time, now the Army National Guard may be deployed and serve for up to 24 months at a time.

The basic doctrine or charter of the Army National Guard is the Constitution of the United States along with some of the Statements of the Militia Acts that were instated in the 1800’s. The Army National Guard is a strong and viable force of the United States Armed Forces that will answer the call to duty with strength, courage, and honor.