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Marine Corps

The United States Marine Corps was created during the American Revolution on November 10, 1775. Today, you may know the Marines by their saying, “The few, the proud, the Marines.” The Marine Corps are part of the United States Armed Forces and it plays a very important role. The Marine Corps began by operating missions on the sea but now they handle operations on the sea, air, and ground.

The United States Marine Corps is widely recognized for their versatility in handling different roles in combat. They have a strong infantry (ground combat) force as well as amphibious strategies. The Marine Corps works under direct orders of the President and will serve on the ground, sea, or wherever the President commands their presence. This is the basic mission statement of the United States Marine Corps.

The Marines are known for being one of the most aggressive branches of the United States Armed Forces. They are also credited with mastering the amphibious assault and this is said to be the most complex of all warfare tactics. Along with all of their other trainings, the United States Marine Corps states that they are first and foremost Infantry or Riflemen.

Even though the Marines encompass all areas of military forces, they are not meant to replace the other branches of the United States Armed Forces, but the Marine Corps is designed to work with the other branches and enhance them.

The Marine Corps is divided into various ranks. First there are Generals. The General ranks include General, Lieutenant General, Major General, and Brigadier General. Next there are Field Grade Officers. These include Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Major, and Captain. After the Field Grade Officers, come Company Grade Officers. Company Grade Officers include the First Lieutenant and the Second Lieutenant. Finally, there are Warrant Officers, Staff Non Commissioned Officers, Non Commissioned Officers, and the Enlisted ranks.