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Marine Life

The Marine life is a life of honor, respect, discipline, and diligence. The Marines are a vital and important branch of the United States Armed Forces and your Marine life begins once you enlist. The Marines are a very respectable branch of the United States Armed Forces. They were founded during the American Revolution, and are the only branch to have thoroughly mastered air born assaults, amphibious assaults, and still remain what they call, “Riflemen”. When you make the decision to become a Marine, you are embracing the Marine life.

The Marine life may be compared to a large family. Marines are trained to put their buddy first, in the true sense of family pride. Marines may even be considered the toughest warriors that have been trained in the armed forces, yet when it comes to a sense of camaraderie, the Marines have it down pact. The training that Marines undergo not only prepares them to become champion warriors and heroes, but also our nation’s most decent citizens. The Marine life teaches self-control, respect, and diligence from the moment training begins.

Part of what contributes the most to the Marine life is more than the grueling physical training endured by these soldiers, but the mental challenges to overcome negative character flaws. The training is intense but the changes will last a lifetime. As Marines overcome their own obstacles in their personalities and character they will be prepared to face whatever life has to offer them, in the Marine style. By strengthening their mind, will, and emotions, the Marine life is one that won’t give up, never quits, and will pursue and endure until they receive the victory.

In summary, it can be said that the Marine life is a lifestyle of meeting every challenge and obstacle squarely and never backing down. It is the process of developing character strengths that will enable you to be a successful hero in every situation that you face.