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The National Marine Corps or Marines, incorporates air, ground, and sea for their areas of combat expertise. The Marines were founded in 1775 and they were based upon the premise that as soon as the President determined, they would serve to protect and defend the country, whether by sea or land. This flexibility has helped make the Marines one of the most versatile and powerful branches of the United States armed forces.

The Marines are what is known as an “Organic” military type. What this means, is that the Marines are based under another branch of the armed forces. For instance, the Marines depend upon the US Navy to complete their missions at sea. Though the Navy primarily operates military tactics at sea, it was the US Marines that mastered the art of “amphibious combat” during World War II.

The Marines are set up in three major camps, these are Camp Pendleton in California, Camp LeJune in North Carolina, and the final camp is located in Okinawa, Japan. These camps are known as Marine Expeditionary Forces, or “MEFs” for short.

The Marines are known for their highly aggressive offensives and use of force. They have been an instrumental and valuable division of the armed forces during war times, and they are responsible for developing major strategic victories and developments in the areas of maneuver warfare (using shock and destruction to throw an enemy off guard). They are also credited with developing important strategies in helicopter insertion doctrine, (the science of using aircrafts in battle).

The US Marines are versatile as well as complex. They serve on the sea, in the air, but their primary function is their role in Infantry. Infantry is the practice of ground troops who are armed and equipped with weapons that serve during wartime on foot and in ground battle. The US Marines have been an invaluable force in the United States Armed Forces.