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Military Haircuts

When a male soldier joins the military, one of the first things they will encounter is the “buzz cut”. At first, some men may be hesitant to go in and get their hair cut. If anyone remembers the rock drama “Hair” they will remember how for some people long hair is their glory and the thought of shaving their heads is unbearable. Well, the United States military isn’t a rock drama and long hair isn’t only unhealthy, it can be dangerous. The military haircuts are given to keep down conditions such as lice, which can be highly contagious and spread through the barracks. Long hair could hinder training and make some of the rigorous exercises unsafe. Some people mistakenly believe that women too must receive military haircuts but this isn’t the case. Though military haircuts are encouraged for women, they are allowed to keep their hair pulled back and off their necks. They women must maintain the same high standards of excellence as the men.

There really isn’t a military name for military haircuts, however the terms buzz cut, “the Mighty Fine”, and the “high and tight”. Military haircuts are very important to maintaining a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness within the troops.

Military haircuts are just one aspect of grooming and appearance that are regulated by all of the United States Armed Force. Along with haircuts, soldiers are required to dress a certain way, and have rules regarding all aspects of their appearance. There will be reprimands if these standards aren’t met.

Part of military training is the focus on discipline, self control, and diligence in all things. Personal appearance is the beginning of this discipline being manifested in the character. By training soldiers how to carry themselves to these standards, the first lessons in self control and discipline are set in place.