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Military History

The study of military history is very important to the strategies, objectives, and offenses used in combat. By studying military history, the United States Armed Forces can correct errors and flaws that existed in previous battle plans. For some, military history is a hobby, an intriguing glimpse into a past filled with heroism, courage, and the utmost sacrifice one can give for a cause they truly believe in- their life. If you are interested in military history, you can begin by looking up the history for your state. The United States is full of military history and some of the stories vary from state to state, as if you had left America and were studying the history of foreign countries.

Check with your local museums, city hall, and libraries for documents, records, even artwork that depicts your state’s military history. You may be amazed at what you will discover. After beginning to understand the basic history of your state, you can contact various groups that also celebrate your state’s military history. These may be groups that perform battle reenactments or even visiting historical military sites located in your state. The United States is a conglomerate of many different experiences, histories, and cultures. By starting with your local state’s military history, you are discovering a vital piece of the puzzle that helps make the United States the great country that it is.

By taking an interest in your state’s military history, you will then have the opportunity to introduce your children to the vast and exciting world of military history. Many of the local and state led activities relating to military history are very fun and children will love to participate and enjoy them. This is such a wonderfully rich way to learn in a "hands on method", as opposed to just reading military history from a textbook.