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Military Men

You’ve seen it in the movies, the “love story” of the young single woman who is looking for an “Officer and a Gentlemen”. Yes, throughout the ages women have been looking for military men. Military men are depicted as strong hard workers, they are tough, and best of all they are heroes. However, the real face of the US Armed forces is much different then the one that we have seen on the silver screen.

The US Armed forces is comprised of more women today then ever before. Yes, military men are still out there, but they are know sharing the battlefield with plenty of women. Since the first Iraq war, women have been captured and held as prisoners of war, and who can forget the last Iraq war with our nation’s heroine Jessica Lynch? There are many mothers as well as fathers who are risking their lives daily for the rights of the American people.

This is a global revolution. From the earliest records of history, it has always been the male that has served in combat, yet there were always plenty of women somewhere in the background, whether it was through nursing, cooking, preparing the camp, or performing other “womanly duties”. Today, America has changed the face of their military battlefield and many women are joining military men side by side in the strategies, objectives, and offensives of combat.

Hollywood has seen this change with films like “GI Jane”, and as controversial as that movie was, so is the nation’s view upon women in the military. Controversy has plagued the US Armed forces choice of whether or not to institute “coed basic training” as well as women leading combat as high-ranking officials. It is a different military that we see today, then during the first and second World wars. Many women have stepped up to the challenge and have joined side by side with military men.