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Military Music

Military music typically consists of a military band. The military band is made up of soldiers who play instruments. This form of military music is played on bases for special events. The military band may be a marching band or a stationary band. Military music is very popular with many people.

When discussing military music, there are primarily two forms. The first is called Military Field Music, and the second is Military Marching Bands. Military field music has its history in playing instruments as a method of communicating with troops during battle. Instruments used in Military field music include bugles, bagpipes, horns, and trumpets.

As time progressed, the field music began to be replaced by “band” music that was more for entertainment than communicating with troops during battle. However, there are certain military functions that do incorporate field music.

Not only have instruments changed, but the style of music has changed as well. Now, military music consists of modern songs ranging from jazz to pop. Some of the styles of military music include: Ceremonial Music, Marching Music, and Band Music.

If you would like to purchase military music you can begin by choosing a branch, such as the Army, Navy, Marines, Airforce, and the Coast Guard. Some of the Airforce’s military bands include, the United States Air Force Band and Singing Seargents, The Premier Jazz Ensemble of the United States Air Force, the US Airforce Academy Cadets, the US Air Force Symphony Orchestra, and the Airmen of Note. Some examples of the United States Army Band music include, the US. Army Band, the US Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps, and the US Army Field Band. The Marines have the distinction of being the “Presidents Own United States Marine Band”. Then there is the United States Navy Band, and the United States Coast Guard Band.