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Military Pay

Many people choose to join the military because of the wonderful benefits afforded to them by military pay. The military has great benefits not only for those who are actively serving in the military, but also for their spouses and families. Typically, these benefits extend long after someone has served their required time in service, after they have retired from the service, or their enlistment period is up, many people still enjoy many luxuries given to them and their families by Uncle Sam.

When a civilian joins the military, they no longer receive civilian or private sector pay. Their pay is now known as “Regular Military Compensation” or “RMC”. RMC incorporates all of the aspects of living and provides a pay plan. These are some of the pay and allowances included for members of the United States Armed Forces.

First of all, every enlisted member of the United States Armed Forces will receive, “basic pay”. Basic Pay includes military pay for active members and reserve duty members. Basic pay rates vary between length of time served and the rank of the soldier. Other factors that are taken into consideration when determining basic pay is how many dependents the soldier has, as well as what state the family lives in. Other types of military pay that is offered are the Cost of Living Allowance, the Clothing Allowance, Dislocation Allowance, Housing Allowances, Overseas Housing Allowances, Travel, Per Diem, and Subsistence Allowance.

Some of the benefits that are offered to military personnel include retirement plans, Thrift Savings Plan, Uniformed Services Savings Plan, Health Care (Tri Care), Dental, Special Dependents Needs, Continued Health Care Benefit Program, Group Insurance Program, Military Family Housing, Housing Privatization, Basic Allowance for Housing, Paid time off such as Annual Leave, Educational Leave of Absence, Graduation Leave, and Public Holidays.