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Military Tattoos

Many veterans get military tattoos. This is a practice that has been taking place for years. Military tattoos include Army, Navy, Air force, Marines, the National Guard, and Reserve. Some of the symbols that you might find in military tattoos include the name of the branch, if there was time spent in war, a military tattoo may include the name of the war served in, flags, eagles, words such as freedom, or even slogans.

Every branch of the United States Armed Forces has its own flag, so incorporating the branch flag into military tattoos is also very popular. Another common practice is to get a military tattoo that symbolizes prisoners of war, or Viet Nam Vets who have yet to return home, the ones who are still MIA- missing in action.
Before deciding whether to get military tattoos or not, there are some risks to consider. First, remember that your military tattoo will be permanent, so before choosing one, make sure that you are willing to keep it forever. Second, make sure that you can handle the experience of getting “tattooed”. Most military personnel have endured harder feats then receiving a tattoo, yet if you faint at the sight of needles, you may want to rethink your tattoo.

You should be aware that any tattoo, military tattoos included, carries the risk of infection. Your tattoo artist should wear gloves and practice safety precautions to insure that your health will not be compromised.

The risk of diseases is very real when it comes to the art of tattooing. Instruments must be sterilized before being used on customers to prevent the risk of cross contamination. An even more effective practice than sterilization is to use disposable needles, and use one needle per client, then throw it away. Finally, make sure that the artist is wearing gloves before they begin the tattooing process.