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Military Uniforms

The military is made up of different branches. These are the United States Army, the Marine Corps, the United States Air Force, and the Navy. Also included are the reserve units such as the National Guard and the Army Reserve. Every branch of the United States Armed Forces is required to wear military uniforms. But where did the idea of military uniforms begin? The history behind wearing military uniforms is vast and spreads across the face of the globe.

Every military unit that was organized wore military uniforms as a symbol of identity. Military uniforms would offer some protection to those who were legally serving in the forces. Another aspect of the origin of the military uniform is that it represented stature, class, and respect. Many people today still associate stature and respect with a high-ranking officer’s military uniform. However, these flashy and highly visible military uniforms were not practical for battle. Many people remember the story of the “Red coats” who were utterly demolished due to the fact that they had neglected the areas of catalogue and disguise, which are integral parts of the offensive strategies in combat. Though many European countries had depended upon these flashy and bright military uniforms to make organizing and recognizing their armies simpler, they just weren’t practical when it came down to the real nitty gritty of Infantry and ground combat.

Thus, the military uniform began to change. Gone were the flashy reds and blues and khaki colors were introduced. Military uniforms became diverse and the perfect disguised depending upon the natural environment where the battle would be taking place. These strategies of defense are still apparent in modern uniforms today. Whether the combat will take place in the snow capped mountains, or in the warm subtropical jungles, military uniforms will blend in with their surroundings, providing the perfect blend of camouflage and disguise.