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Military Weapons

Since the beginning of time, man has been making military weapons. Whether these were based in primitive settings or more civilized formats of war, military weapons play a vital role in the objectives and offensive strategies of war. Over the years, as the military has advanced in strategic warfare, military weapons have also advanced. The United States Armed Forces has countless military weapons, which are used by each individual branch. The United States Navy uses many sea craft along with the United States Marines, (who are credited with developing high quality amphibious maneuvers and strategies) the Army is primarily infantry and ground based, so their particular brand of military weapons are designed for their use.

Some of the military weapons used today include spacecraft systems, ships, land systems or ground vehicles, infantry weapons, aircraft, nuclear systems, missile defense systems, dumb bombs, and intelligence systems. Some of the military weapons used in spacecraft systems include satellite tracking and anti satellite defense mechanisms. There are many military weapons that are set up in space to determine if a weapon or device is headed our way. Along with these numerous spacecraft systems, there are many more anti satellite defense systems that will target these weapons, such as the air launched military vehicle and the Mid Infrared Advanced Chemical Laser.

In Infantry military weapons are referred to as “small arms”. These small arms include:
· M16
· M4
· M40A1 Sniper Rifle
· M-249 Saw
· M-240 Machine Gun
· M-9 Handgun
· M-1014 Joint Service Combat Shotgun
· MP-5 Sub-Machine Gun
· Hand Grenades
· FIM-9 Stinger Missile
· M-252 Mortar
· M-224 Lightweight Mortar
· AT4 Anti-Armor Weapon
· Multi-Purpose Assault Weapon
· Dragon Weapon System
· TOW Missile System
· AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Device
· SINCGARS RT-1523E Radio
· Mollie Vest
· Flak Vest
· Land Warrior