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Military Women

For as long as there have been military forces, women have been on the sidelines helping. Today, in modern military forces, military women have made their way to the front lines, and have also earned their place as high-ranking officials. In the United States Armed Forces, there are many women who are now serving in the heart of battle who have children and family at home. The face of the military has changed over the years.

Military women are required to do just as much work as their male counterparts. Though some may still hold preconceived ideas and not feel that a woman is qualified to be in the services, many military women are proving that they are just as every bit capable as a man to pull her fair share. Though their uniforms and hair may be different, military women and men are required to be treated equally as well as they are expected to behave equally.

Some people find the idea of coed basic training camps to be a big mistake, yet many soldiers can now say that they went through coed training. Maybe some of the biggest changes are seen on the 6:00 news. Military women such as Jessica Lynch who was a prisoner of war are making headlines and reminding us that military women are placing their lives on the line, just as their male counterparts.

In todayís war in Iraq, it has been estimated that one out of every seven soldier is a woman. Though still, women arenít on the frontlines in hand-to-hand combat, they are still front and center with their units in the war zone. Nearly 15 percent of the armed forces are military women soldiers, and now that more women have been deployed to Iraq then any other war in American history, time will tell how their role in the armed forces have changed.