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The word military comes from the Latin word “militaries” which means, “Soldier”. Throughout history, the world has head their military men, soldiers who were professionally trained at the art of war. Over time, the weapons may have changed, as well as the face of the military (now many women are included in much of the world’s military force) but one thing has remained the same, countries depend on the military for their national defense.

Military science is the art and study of using the armed forces or military, to complete a political objective or goal. The armed forces in the United States of America consist of the Navy, the Army, the Marines and the Coast Guard. Also included in our nation’s military is the “reserve” force, such as the National Guard and the Army Reserves.

When engaging in military science, there are many facts to consider. Armed forces are sent to battle, and the government conducts a battle plan. The battle plan is focused on strategy, tactics, and operations. Without a good strategy, operations, or tactics, the Armed forces are left to defend themselves against an opponent who may be better prepared to defend their political agenda.

It is very important that military leaders study the operational art and strategies of wars past, as well as stay one step ahead of other nations when it comes to military technology. Objective is a very important part of military strategy. The objective is the plan that sums up the goal, strategy, and line of attack that leads to the war. The objective is the goal to win the war and declare the victory over the enemy, leaving him helpless, weak, and unable to fight. After the Objective, comes the Offensive. The Offensive is the actual strategy used to complete the objective. It is the basis of all strategies used in war.