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US Army

The US Army is the branch of the Armed Forces that is mainly responsible for and handles ground military action. The Army consists of the Army National Guard and the United States Army Reserve. Founded in 1775, the US Army is actually older than the United States. The Army was formed to fight the American Revolution, and this was before the colonies had become ratified. The first US Army was known as the Continental Army, after the end of the American Revolution, the US Army officially became known as the United States Army in 1784.

When looking back at the changes of the United States Army, we see that from 1775-1784, the Army was known as the Continental Army. This was replaced by the Regular Army, which was virtually in place until the Civil War. During the Civil War, the first Conscription (or draft) occurred. These volunteer armies were in effect until the Spanish American war.

In World War I, the National Army was commissioned. At the end of the war, three separate units replaced it; these were the Regular Army, the Organized Reserve Corp, and the State Militias. After World War II, more changes were on the way. The Reserve Corps joined together and became the United States Army reserve. Now at last, the army was one functional and complete unit. Today, this remains: we have the Regular Army, Army National Guard, and Army Reserve.

The US Army has a structure. This is the US Army structure:
Soldier- one member of the US Army
Corps- more than two divisions (Commanded by a Lieutenant General)
Division (Commanded by a Major General)
Brigade (made of three or more battalions and commanded by a Colonel or Brigadier General)
Battalion/Squadron (composed of two to six companies)
Company (composed of three to 4 platoons)