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US Marines

The US Marines came into effect on November 10, 1774. During the American Revolution, the US Marines performed many amphibious warfare strategies beginning with their first in 1776. The US Marines are known for their outstanding amphibious war tactics as well as their Infantry combat skills.

The first Commander of the Marines is said to be Captain Samuel Nicholas. Captains Nicolas later became a major and led the US Marines in their battle and during the American Revolution. During the year 1783, the war was over and so were the Continental Navy and Marines.

It wasn’t until 1798 that the US Marines were re –established. The Marines were instrumental in the War of 1812, and many other combat and offensive strategies that applied to the early south. The US Marines also continued their missions during the Mexican War as well as the Spanish American War.

In World War I, the US Marines were known as “Devil Dogs” due to their amazing feats and conquests. The US Marines were proving themselves to be an aggressive force that was filled with heroes and survivors.

By the end of World War II, the US Marines had developed their strategies, their tactics, and their doctrine. The US Marines were a formidable branch of the United States Armed Forces. Not only had the US Marines grown in strength and stature, but they paid dearly for it. By the end of World War II, the US Marines had lost nearly 87,000 troops including the wounded.

The US Marines later went on to combat with strategic and aggressive offensive tactics in the Korean War and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

During the Vietnam War, the Marines played an integral role. The Vietnam War took an excruciatingly toll on the US Marines. Nearly 13,000 died and over 88,000 US Marines were wounded.